Monday, May 27, 2013


Lorelei from Bridie Russell on Vimeo.

A one camera-shot scene for 'Mise en Scene' class. All constructed by myself. The scene portrays a female protagonist who is contemplating her Call-to-Action. The mise en scene is themed to a '90's' vibe - the 'handycam' extravagant party-goer. Although not all is as it seems to 'Lorelei'. She is not from this world. Hair, makeup, costuming, set design, lighting, editing, sound, sfx, produced, directed, written by Bridghid Russell. Camera operated by Josh Tregenza. Music by Portishead - Over. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What The Feminist? Documentary

WHAT THE FEMINIST? Documentary from Bridie Russell on Vimeo.

A short documentary on youth and feminism. Interviews via SKYPE (sound quality is bad at times) with young international feminists and my Nursing/Midwifery teacher and friend, Maryann Long (PhD Midwifery). I contacted young women via the internet, trying to find more interview subjects that were willing to have interviews via SKYPE with myself. This is difficult at times as some participants changed their minds. I would've loved to have more young women to speak to about the topic, to broaden the views. All editing and compiling interviews, b-roll, done by myself. Music is by a Brisbane band, The Boys. Carly White did sound for Maryann's interview, and Rebekah Joy operated the camera.
I would love to further this documentary. I would consider this a rough edit. Titling done by myself in AfterEffects.

When Hunger Strikes

WHEN HUNGER STRIKES from Bridie Russell on Vimeo.

A short film written and directed by Kieran Harris. Produced and Edited by Bridghid Russell. The quality is poor on this upload, however there is a HD version available. The film is about two homeless men, however one is not all that he seems. Greed consumes and destroys each man who chances upon the mysterious black credit card. Continuity was a problem in the editing stage, which is why some shots are either jump shots, or attempts at hiding movement issues. This was an assessment piece with only 3 crew, no location sounds or character dialogue. I produced and edited this short film. 

Cedar Creek Trip

Cedar Creek Sunday from Bridie Russell on Vimeo.

Went on a road trip to Cedar Creek with some mates from film school. Decided I'd just record some shenanigans on my Canon 60D 18-55mm lens, hand held. Quickly edited together with "GIRLS- Lust for Life" music track. Great day had by all. Very enjoyable. Now to get my mitts on a Canon 5D MIII.....
Edited using Final Cut Pro 7

Friday, October 12, 2012

RaRa Superstar Behind the Scenes

RaRa Superstar Behind the Scenes from Bridie Russell on Vimeo.
A video for fashion boutique Ra Ra Superstar in Paddington, Brisbane. All video footage was filmed by a member from Ra Ra on an iPad. Editing was done by myself on AMC 6

No Copyright infringement intended on the music track.